About Us

T-Clothes is a fashion apparel brand; online retailed based in Singapore. Created in 2018 by ZY. T-clothes aims to promote both fashion and charity at the same time. 10% of our sales are donated to UNHCR(The UN Refugee Agency), to help those that are in need.

Our core values


Our products are made of the highest quality materials available.We have high expectations when it comes to selecting materials for our T-shirts.


We always ensure that what you see is what you get.We promise that our products are exactly the same as the photos you see on our website.

Service to others

We always believe in giving back. We donate 10% of our sales made to UNHCR(UN Refugee Agency) to help those that are in need.

Open Mindness

We are always happy to recieve feedback and suggestions from our precious customers, so we can constantly improve our service and products.